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General troubleshooting

Why can't I enter dates successfully in the report form?

NatureMapr uses HTML5 to render date pickers in the various forms throughout the website.

If you are using Apple's Safari browser, you may experience some issues when entering dates into NatureMapr.

This is because Apple Safari does not *yet* fully support HTML5 dates. We believe that this will be resolved in a future version of Safari. In the interim, please try another browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and the issue should be resolved in these browsers.

Why can't I see sightings without images?

By default, sightings without images are hidden from the default view on any page throughout the platform. Only sightings with images are shown by default. This is due to the sometimes millions of sightings without images that exist but may be less useful to scroll through one by one, where as sightings with images are extremely rich and useful to the eye at first glance.

However, you can easily display all sightings including those without images by simply clicking the "Switch to List View" icon which is placed at the upper-right hand side of every sighting list page throughout the platform. Once clicked, you can similarly toggle it back to again only display sightings with images.

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